Tara's Garden Holiday Home

in Udaipur

Our cosy unique artistic jungle guest house

Monsoon Palace – view from the roof terrace of Tara's Holiday Home

Monsoon Palace – view from the roof terrace of Tara’s Holiday Home

Lake Palace Hotel in Pichola Lake seen from Rats Leela Restaurant in Udaipur

Lake Palace Hotel in Pichola Lake seen from Raas Leela Restaurant in Udaipur

THE GUEST HOUSE is situated at the foothills of the Aravalli Mountains providing a lovely view of the nearby Monsoon Palace on the hill top. This is an absolute Udaipur highlight which can be seen from far distance even and from 7.00 pm onwards the palace is illuminated and appears magical like a flying palace in the night sky. This whole area once was called „The green belt of Udaipur“. Our jungle residence still belongs to this green belt and is only minutes away from Sajjan Garh Road and Mewar Garh Udaipur by Red Tullip Hotels.

IT IS ONLY a 10 – 15 minutes walk to the wildlife area where in the early morning one can climb up to the Monsoon Palace and wander through the Biological Park which offers a variety of animals in the open very large environment.

Jungle Guest House in Udaipur

Tara's Holiday Home

Our Jungle Guest House was built at the end of the 90‘s and was recently completely renovated. We would like to offer our garden jungle guest house to individuals, artists, writers, adventurers, nature and sport lovers.

Holiday home – garden view entrance to the kitchen below and stairs up to Tara's living room

It is not a normal house

It is small and has it‘s many hidden corners on 5 levels even with 4 different staircases up to the little roof terrace. It is more suitable for younger and middle aged guests who like to climb staircases, For elderly or handicapped guests it will be a problem.

Work surface with sink and multi storage possibilities in kitchen | Tara's Holiday House

A kitchen for self-cooking

An adventurer‘s house so to say with a kitchen for self-cooking on the bottom floor, 2 resting possibilities are integrated and a simple outside shower, suitable for a friend or a child or max. 2.

Comfortable sitting with Ganesha temple in Kith in kitchen guesthouse
Holiday home – balcony view from living room

Romantic balcony

A small romantic balcony is connected with the living room. Here one can enjoy all tea-times of the day, even self-cooked lunches or candle-light dinners.

A interim terrace with a comfortable sitting place | Tara's Holiday Garden-House

A first little interim terrace

A first little interim terrace with an iron dome – house overgrown by multiple bells and flowering creepers which are giving shadow to this cosy sitting place. Right behind the walls a shower and WC is hiding nearly in open air.

Seating and or sleeping place in the living room – Tara's Holiday Home

Tara's living room

A few further steps lead you through Tara’s door in to her living room. There is a bed or sofa like sitting place and a writing table in it. The romantic balcony is connected with it.

Table top in living room holiday home
Double loft bed in the living room – Tara's Holiday Home

Staircase to Heaven

In this room a 4 step teak wooden staircase leads you to the higher built double bed. A romantic set up. Again from this double bed with a nice view, one can climb up 7 further marble steps to reach…

Upper terrace on the Taras vacation home in Udaipur

A little roof terrace

… a very cosy little roof terrace offering great privacy and full view into the jungle garden and up to Monsoon Palace.

Nobody can look onto or into this terrace as it is 10 m high from the ground.

Tara's Holiday Garden House in Udaipur with entrance gate

Our Jungle Garden

This little Jungle House in our first Garden NR. 12 is surrounded by many now 23 year old huge flowering trees which are at least 5 – 20 m high. The garden walls outside are full of blooming bougainvillea and different creepers in various colors during different seasons.

The infinite bronze tree with Double-Eye door behind

What you need to know if you want to rent our holiday home


  • The house will suit for 1 – 3 guests like friends or a couple with a child to feel comfortable in it.
  • We like to offer a minimum stay of 4. days.
    A longer stay is welcomed and possible of 14 days and one month and even more.
  • The artist house has 5 different levels to climb. It is suitable for younger sportive guests till middle aged guest.
  • Children are welcomed.
  • A 8000 square feet garden belongs to the house.
  • No alcohol is allowed.
    Smoking only on the outside balcony terrace or in the garden.
  • The 5 min. nearby Mewar Garh Red Tullip Hotel has a bar and luxure facilities if one wished to have them.
  • Car park is outside and free even inside the garden possible.

Do you have any questions or would you like to rent the holiday house?


Do you have questions and / or would you like to rent our beautiful and cozy holiday home?
Please call us at the following telephone number:
+91 99 284 25 791
write us a message to:
or contact us easily and conveniently by contact form.

We would be pleased to answer your questions and to welcome you in our house.